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    Target POWER 600-650 HP

    Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI upgrade by TURBOMOTORS™

      Engine: AYH Links
      Capacity: 4921 ccm
      Stock Power: 230 Kw – 313 HP Target POWER 500-550 HP
      Build: Okt.2002 to Nov.2009

      Part Number/s                                        Comparison Number/s
      755299-5007S                                       07Z145701T
      755299-0006                                       07Z145701TX
      755299-0003/5                                       07Z145701TV
      755299-0001                                       07Z145701Q
      742809-0005                                       07Z145873H
       723213-0003                                       07Z145907H
      723213-0001                                       07Z145908H
      755300-5007S                                       07Z145908HX
      755300-0006                                       07Z145908HV
      755300-0003/5                                       07Z145874H
      755300-0001                                       07Z145874D
      742810-0007                                       07Z145702P
      742807-0003                                       07Z145702J


      Mitsubishi TD04 – 19T

        Mitsubishi TD04 – 19T INDIVIDUAL
        Individual project for HONDA 1.6 Petrol Target POWER 300-350HP
        Compressor housing – HOLSET HX35
        Compressor wheel – billet, GTX style, 11 blades, slim
        Turbine housing – TD04, big wheel bearing housing – water cooled shaft wheel – 45.6mm

        GTX3071R Gen2 (Adm. Hose/Exh.0.83 V-band)

          GTX3071R Gen2 (Adm. Hose/Exh.0.83 V-band) 856801-5017S

          Horsepower: 340 – 650HP
          Displacement: 1.8 – 3.0L
          Gen2 Aerodynamics feature increased horsepower range.
          Improved ported shroud design for surge resistance.
          New compressor housing aesthetics.
          Integrated speed sensor port.
          Standard rotation.
          Compressor side: TRIM 58 A/R 0.60
          Compressor Air Inlet: Hose 4,00″ (101.60mm)
          Compressor Air Outlet: Hose 2.00″ (50.80mm)
          Turbine side: TRIM 84 A/R 0.83
          Turbine Inlet: V-band 3.00″ (76.20mm)
          Turbine Outlet: V-band 3.55″ (90.20mm)
          Bearing housing: Water and Oil cooled system.

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